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"BRAVEHEART" " I shall tell you of William Wallace, historians from England will say I am a liar, but history was written from those who have hanged hero's" William Wallace was born in Scotland around 1280 BC during times of great instability. The entire country was in chaos and conflict because of an evil tyrant known as Edward the Longshanks. Longshanks claimed the thrown and entire rule of England, including Scotland. Under his rein the towns were …

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…have. For example, they added William Wallace as a solution to the social conflict between Henry the Longshanks, and the commoners. The writers also developed a strong resentment among Henry and William. This in turn allowed us to choose sides, making the conflict more believable. Quotations: " I shall tell u"--- Taken from the movie BRAVEHEART, Copyright 1995 B.H. Finance CV All the other quotes-- Taken from Living Sociology, pages {16 & 17} Copyright1998 by Allen and Bacon