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Tralfamadorian Society Description of this essay : Slaughter House five Could theirs be the ideal society? It's quite possible. Vonnegut's portrayal of the extraterrestrials known as Tralfamadorians is nothing short of amazing. Their knowledge, insight, and beliefs are both stunning and thought-provoking. To be quite honest, it was the only element of the story that grasped and kept my attention. Who would have thought that upon opening a book titled Slaughter House-Five that they would have …

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…it has shifted my prospective on things a little, but maybe someone else will see it simply as a figment of Billy's imagination, or maybe a symptom of a disease. Who knows? It's quite possible he could have wanted us to grasp the concept of never asking why, and that things simply are, in which case this whole essay would have been quite a waste. I suppose it just depends on how you view things.