similarities between children and their parents

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The Similarities and Differences Between Parents and Their Children The transition from childhood to adulthood is a journey undergone by all, but all in a different way. While some people believe that the maturation process is a time for one to develop one's individuality and uniqueness from one's parental figures, others believe that growing up is a fine-tuning of beliefs, morals and ideology passed down from generation to generation. The old saying "A chip of …

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…in the development of a child. Children learn from their parents, therefore actions, attitudes, and feelings are grown surrounded by the already-learned lessons of the adults. Aside from the morals, lifestyles, and social influences, children are a part of their parents. Character traits must be passed down and similar ways are learnt. The old saying "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" is definitely a statement that should be taken with some true consideration.