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The Spirit of Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Times During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, English culture was at its greatest. England during the Elizabethan Age saw a rebirth of literature, in large part because of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s writings had all the characteristics of Elizabethan life. The Elizabethan Age (1558-1603) was called so, because of the length of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. It was also called the age of Shakespeare (1569-1616) because of …

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…the literary works.. This was a time of constant changes. “No ivory tower poet , he was quick to catch and assimilate a new voice.” Shakespeare was able to identify what the people were feeling and thinking and show it in his literary works. He always tried to keep his audience delighted, and keep their imaginations going. He was very observant and completely understood the human condition of the Elizabethan Age. Bibliography shakespeare by olivia krinton