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Michael Soon February 3, 2000 History 17B 3869807 SEPARATE SPHERES The separate spheres ideology, adhered to by the northern middle class, both repressed and empowered women in the first half of the nineteenth century. Separate spheres ideology was initially an oppressive measure used to subject women to the “domestic” sphere of the home. But women empowered themselves by manipulating this position to show their moral superiority. With this superiority, women increased their efforts to spread the ideals of …

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…It had given women an identity of moral superiority, therefore allowing them to use this construction in their favor for securing a place in the public sphere. Once in the public sphere, women found ways to organize so that they could discuss grievances that needed to be addressed to the public. Women hoped that their speeches and literature, such as the “Declaration of Sentiments,” would some day grant them the equality that they rightfully deserved.