selfishness among characters

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Characters in the stories we have read so far this semester have been faced with a multitude of problems, emotions and impulses to work through. It seems that from three stories the characters carry out very different actions, but they all have an underlying bond, selfishness and the desire to be something there not. It also seems that they are judged in the eyes of the narrator, as either succeeding or failing due to the …

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…All the characters I have spoken about have handled their problems in different ways, but all possess the underlying thesis of selfishness. Some have more sever cases of it than others. And in one case it is a good side of selfishness. Either way they learned something for the experiences that they faced. Work Cited Chopin, Kate. “The Awakening”. Penguin Books USA. New York. Fitzgerald, F. Scott. “The Great Gatsby”. Simon and Schuster. New York.