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Bartleby By: lon Since he will not quit me, I must quit him. “Ah Bartleby, Ah Humanity.” (Page 140, Herman Melville) This is the key to Bartleby, written by Herman Melville, for it indicates that Bartleby stands as a symbol for humanity. This in turn functions as a commentary on society and the working world, for Bartleby is a seemingly homeless, mentally disturbed scrivener who gives up on the prospect of living life. However, by doing …

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…screen with nothing but a wall to stare out, he did not have to give up his humanity. However, he chose to, he chose to further isolate himse! lf by his own self-will and accordingly it led to his death. “It is dangerous to isolate oneself; dangerous for and individual and for a nation.” (Jawaharial Nehru) For in the end, isolation can drive a person insane, make him mute, or even kill him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**