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His.215 1st Paper THE PURITAN DILEMMA In the book “The Puritan Dilemma”, Morgan writes about characters that were forced to choose between their societies and their morals. Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams faced excommunication because they disagreed with the accepted Puritan standards, and John Winthrop felt he could not remain in a country having faith in an impure Church. The Puritan Dilemma is that every one of us is a sinner but the puritans try …

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…Island and held her faith in the covenant of grace. Roger Williams found it easier to withdraw his membership in the Puritan church than to risk his soul by being associated with the church of the Old World. Edmund S. Morgan tries to say that one has a responsibility to hold on to their beliefs and leave a society, rather than to give up the ideas and remain in the same social community. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**