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Horror and suspense-filled movies, books, and stories are America’s favorite form of entertainment. One of the most famous American writers is Edgar Allen Poe who wrote the two famous stories “The Tell- Tale Heart” and “The Black Cat”. In the “The Tell- Tale Heart” and “ The Black Cat” narrative and imagery is used to express the main characters’ eerie sense of evil. Both stories lack moral sentiment yet describe conscience. They also make one …

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…were written by Poe to create fear and surprise for their readers, and they certainly did. That is a reason why Poe is still an important literary figure today. Fyodor Dostoevski, a critic, says it is best when he says it best when he says that Poe is a strange, though enormously talented writer (301). He makes one tremble and one think. Poe’s imagination separates him from every other writer. He is extremely detailed when