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THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT WHICH CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ATOMIC BOMB THE CHAIN REACTION BOMB Atomic bomb imagined The New York Press reports: "New hope for releasing the enormous stores of energy within the atom has arisen from German scientists". World famous Niels Bohr of Copenhagen and Enrico Fermi of Rome, both Nobel prize winners, acclaim this experiment as one of the most important in recent years. Fermi now realized that his new element 93 …

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…interviewer was quoted saying: "Sooner or later one country's going to use it against another. Maybe in 20 years, maybe in 100 years. Maybe not for 200 or 1,000 years. But sooner or later it'll be too much of a temptation…You can just blow a corner off the world. Eventually it'll be just like one of those fantastic tales…Just a few people left in caves. It'll reduce the whole of so-called civilization to living in caves (Marx 225).