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The Persian Wars A long time ago Croesus the king of Lydia took over the Greek colonies on the east coast of Asia Minor (Turkey). Croesus was a kind and fair ruler so the Greeks did not really mind. But around 546 BC King Croesus and his empire was overthrown by Cyrus the Great who was Persian. About fifty years later Asia Minor revolted against Persia. The rebellion was assisted by Athens. The rebellion was successful. …

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…rear. There was nothing left between the Persians and Athens so the Persians plundered and destroyed the abandoned city. The next battle that took place was when the Persian fleet tried to pursue the Greek fleet at the Battle of Salamis. The Persians did not stand a chance in that battle and lost. All the Persian forces left in Greece were defeated a year later at the Battle of Plataea and Greece won it's independence.