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Beowulf, the story written by an unknown poet, is a contrasting mixture of both Christian and pagan aspects that frequently refer to the Old Testament of the bible. These elements which are intertwined, tell the story of monsters and a tragic hero who has virtues of courage and loyalty, but who also bears sinful morals. It is difficult to determine the angle between good and evil within Beowulf due to its several references to Christian …

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…good and evil. Beowulf appears to be a noble person, but there is that greedy, selfish attitude that persists in him. Beowulf is a story that is related to Christian and pagan views. On one hand, there is loyalty and acclamation towards God, while on the other, there are several references made about monsters and sin. In conclusion with these two different aspects, the story cannot be accredited to either the Christian or pagan fellowships.