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In King Oedipus, Sophocles shows that Oedipus’ ignorant attitude is his major flaw, but through determination and pride, the King learns the truth about himself, which in the end makes him a better person. Oedipus says, “And it is my solemn prayer that the unknown murderer, and his accomplices, if such there be, may wear the brand of shame for their shameful act, unfriended, to their life’s end.”(32) In his ignorance, Oedipus does not …

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…truth was revealed, he realized that he had nothing at all. He showed this by saying to his children, “ Children, there is much that you will understand when you are older; you cannot bear it now, but in your prayers ask this; that you may live not more nor less than well, and so live better than did your father.” (67) Although Oedipus had lost the respect of his people he had gained self-respect and knowledge.