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The most admired classical hero is most certainly Odysseus, the mythological Grecian subject of Homer's epic tale, The Odyssey. This legendary figure displays excessive amounts of brains and muscle, seeming almost superhuman at times. He embodies the ideals Homeric Greeks aspired to: manly valor, loyalty, piety, and intelligence. The popularity of Odysseus transcends time. To this day he remains greatly admired as both a hero and an ordinary man who must deal with great adventures …

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…a life, full of the surprises and extremely unpredictable. When people today experience obstacles in their own lives, they need only remember Odysseus to get them through the tough times. The common translation of the name Odysseus is ““Victim of Enmity””. Odysseus was indeed a victim, yet overcame all his problems, giving hope to the readers of this age and for generations to come that we too can overcome whatever obstacles life may bring us.