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Objectivism Objectivism can be broken into 5 main categories. They are Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Politics, and Aesthetics. Each of these makes up Ayn Randís philosophy, which is called objectivism. Metaphysics is the belief that everything one knows they know only because they believe it to be true. Everything that is known canít be truly proven to be true because it is based on our perception of things. If a tabletop is hard, it is …

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…picture. They paint an object how they see it. One artist may paint an apple just like it was a photograph. Another might paint a picture of the same exact apple only it will be square or some other drastic difference. Both pictures are accurate pictures of the apple; they are just how each artist sees the apple. Neither can be more realistic than the other can because it all depends on oneís views.