obesity in america

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Robert Chaplin English 111-B Mrs. Innes 10 April 2000 Obesity in America Although it has nothing to do with international boundaries or population size, it is the people of America who are expanding at the waistline. In the United States thirty three percent of the adult population are obese. One is considered obese if one is more then twenty percent over ideal body weight. The main cause of obesity in humans is the calorie. A calorie is …

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…expert on Human Nutrition states, “Without further treatment, however, patients usually regain one-third of the weight in the following year” (Suttie 45). In some states obesity is becoming such a problem that movie theaters and subways are having to increase seat size and door width to accommodate people who are obese. Through all of my years of training and diet I have found that diet is the most important factor because you are what you eat.