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Qualities that are strong are useful in times of need. Night, an autobiography by Elie Wiesel, rips a family apart, and turns the young son against his faith. Taking place during the Holocaust in a Nazi concentration camp, Elie, is separated from is mother and sisters, and witnesses many horrifying sites that are not even dreamable. Elie's strong character traits help him survive his traumatic boyhood. The qualities that make him survive the concentration camp …

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…a person who puts away all of the danger and horror in his life, and concentrates on making it through the situation that he is in. Without these qualities Elie would have never made it past the gates of Birkenau. Everyone, one time or another, in there life is faced with a danger. It may not be as bad as Elie's but they need strong qualities to sustain it without being harmed traumatically. Bibliography none