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Much Ado About Nothing Outline By: Azher English Honors Nine Period 6 August 24, 1999 Much Ado About Nothing I. Act I A. Scene 1 1. A messenger comes to Leonato and tells him Don Pedro is coming 2. Don Pedro defeated Don John's rebellion 3. Don Pedro arrives in Messina with 3 others a. Don John-now reconciled with Don Pedro b. Claudio c. Benedict 4. All the men come to the governor of Messina 5. Beatrice and Benedict insult each other 6. Claudio tells Benedict …

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…her that night 14. Leonato then orders Claudio to marry Hero's supposedly identical cousin 15. Leonato then decides to apprehend Margaret but is stooped by Borachio who says she is innocent 16. Dogberry leaves the prisoners to Leonato but not after telling him of being called "an ass" B. Scene II 1. Benedict is having a fairly colorful conversation with Margaret before Beatrice enters 2. Benedict and Beatrice both now in love throw witty comments at each other ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**