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Strong, dominant, proud, competitive, successful, well respected, quick to pounce on anyone, impatient with unsuccessful men, afraid of being like his father: these words describe Okonkwo. Okonkwo is presented as straight forward as possible. In Fact, his name is the first word you see in the book. It is quickly made very clear to the reader that he is the protagonist of the story, and is introduced as a hero. In the first paragraph the …

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…different cultures and life circumstances but no matter how different, being human is enough to understand and relate. But a problem I see in Okonkwo is that he has too much pride and imposes his strength on others he is impatient with, he acts out of rashness and does not show affection. The driving force behind his success is fear of failure, and being compared to his father. With his ego, this could be dangerous.