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Although many arrests have been made, organized crime and the Mafia are still very active. Organized crime and its families, particularly the Italian mafia, have increased their illegal activities significantly over the past few decades. The Mafia and organized crime go hand and hand, one cannot be spoken without the other. Both of these forms of criminal actions have been recognized since the late 1800's, and police say it is not disappearing too fast. (Widener 6) …

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…underground. (4A) Organized Crime has been around for over a century. Law enforcement agents, police, and investigators still cannot get a complete grip on the situation. Although the Mafia is still a problem today, professionals are convinced that the criminal activitiy has decreased and continues to decrease as time goes by. (Cook 279) With the knowledge the police have gathered, and the recurring pattern of crime, organized crime will soon become a thing of the past.