life in the dithyrambic chorus

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Life in the Dithyrambic Chorus Upon the setting sun I, Hecubus, fondly recall the days of pride and honor I felt in my tribe, as a member of a dramatic, dithyrambic chorus. Acting was not simply my occupation, but a lifestyle highly revered and respected by my fellow Athenian citizens. We entertained, taught moral lessons of the past, illustrated human flaw, but most importantly, we gave the audience a release. During the time I preformed …

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…with the respect that his father had, and learn the lessons of what it takes to be an esteemed Athenian citizen. Works Cited Amos, H.D., and A.G.P. Lang. These Were the Greeks. Pennsylvania: Dufour Editions, Inc, 1979. Cameron, Kenneth, and Patti Gillespie. Western Theatre: Revolution and Revival. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1984. "Dionysian Meditations: The City Dionysia (Dionysia ta en Astei)"