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LEON - REVIEW Set in modern day New York, Leon (Jean Reno) is a professional hit man who carries out contracts for Italian boss Tony (Danny Aiello) who in turn acts as a father-figure and manipulator. Leon is truly exceptional at his job with an ability to move without sound, kill without emotion and disappear without trace. Despite earning $5,000 per head he abides to one rule "no women, no children". Leon seems to derive little …

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…Portman anchors Léon, as she moves easily from vulnerability to callousness to affection, although Reno is also convincing. The sticking point arises with Oldman who makes his role so over-the-top and violently dangerous that it's impossible to believe in his position (obviously the whole tale requires suspension of disbelief but, somehow, this aspect is just too much). Léon is still strikingly good though, stylish, bloody and a fine meld of American/European precepts.