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Legalization Legalization of marijuana has been a controversial issue in the U.S. for the past several years. The people vs. the federal government is just one of the main debates over legalization. In the past marijuana was required to be grown on most plantations in the southern region. It could be purchased in one ounce packages for only twenty five cents. Further down the time line we find that marijuana is increasingly being used …

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…marijuana could bring extra income to the country and also help in the decline of alcohol abusers. If legalization was to happen the united states would only prosper. "Reefer Madness" Atlantic Monthly; August 1994. Eric Schlosses; p. 45-63 "Marijuana" Crime and Delinquency Literature; June 1970. Linda Whitlock; p.363-382 "Pot Law Experience" The Washington Star; May 6, 1975 Lee Johnson; p.A1-A10 "Marijuana Alert" Peggy Man Copyright: 1985 p.261, 101, 444 "International Drug Traffic" Edward F. Dolan, Jr. Copyright 1985 p. 85-86