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If you want to find a gathering of the world's elite, there's no better place to look than the village of Rolle, Switzerland. Drive along the coast of Lake Geneva, turn south among the picturesque vineyards and farms, and you will come to a discreet driveway nestled among the chestnut trees. It leads to an old château surrounded by a cluster of newer buildings. Here you will find an illustrious gathering. The names speak …

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…but not a lot of Greek and Latin. There are 150 teachers and support staff for the 330 students. The staff cleans up the children's rooms, serves them individually at table, even darns their socks. In 1984, when this reporter took a job teaching tennis at Le Rosey summer school, the kids, according to long-standing student tradition, referred to the cleaning staff as "les esclaves" (the slaves); the local townspeople were termed "les paysans" (the peasants). ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**