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“The Korean Experience in America, 1903 – 1924” The Korean experience in America during the years 1903 to 1924 is very unique. When compared to other East Asian immigrants, Korean immigrants were relatively small. Most of them were students and agricultural laborers who emigrated to Hawaii as plantation laborers. Many of them decided to come to America due to constant invasion by Japan and also to earn lot of money. Those immigrants happen to be an important factor on Korean …

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…failed. Koreans in American made the last effort by appearing at the Washington Disarmament Conference, but this also failed. In 1945, Korea finally declared independence after WWII, when the Allies defeated Japan. This was a very sad thing Korean Americans had to go through. Donating $20 to Korean independence movement when they were just earning $50 was very brave thing to do. I believe Koreans are strong patriots. With all those efforts, Korea was under Japanese nearly 50 years.