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The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions were authored in secret by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in response to the repressive Alien and Sedition Acts passed in 1798. In the opinion of Jefferson and Madison, the Acts were unjust. They also represented a major victory for the Federalists. By writing the Resolutions, Jefferson and Madison spearheaded the protests of those against the Alien and Sedition Acts and those in support of stronger …

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…counterbalancing the restrictive policies of the Adams administration. The Resolutions began the transition from the Federalist government to the Republic government. In other words, the Resolutions were a sort of foreshadowing of the policies of the Jefferson administration which were in many aspects the opposite to those of the Adams administration. In the end, the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions ended up having started the long battle of state rights against the central government’s rights.