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The Thoughts of Granny Weatherall In a semi-conscious state, Granny reviews her life by remembering the important events, frustrations, achievements, and feelings. Her character is illustrated fully with vivid details. Although Granny Weatherallís character seems frail and delicate, Katherine Anne Porter changes the readerís perception of Granny by introducing the qualities of fortitude and the ability to work unremittingly hard. Although strong-willed, Granny has traits of delicacy and frailty the reader can relate …

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…the times when she appeared delicate and frail. The movement of Grannyís thoughts from the past that is light to the present that is dark is the authorís way of personifying light and dark. Her past life is clear to her while present events are vague and mixed with past memories. The light that she blows out at the end embodies her life and she will now fall into the shadows of death.