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A new day on Wall Street. The Internet is changing the way the brokerage industry does business. Today more and more investors are electing to trade via the Internet and avoid contact with a broker all together. Are the days of the large full service broker over or will there be a compromise between full service and self-direction? Has the rapid advancement in information technology helped the brokerage industry or hurt it? What role will …

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…provide personal service when desired. The advancement of IT will enable brokers to spend less time dealing with the customer and more time researching the market and developing strategies for the individual investor to use. Some other key factors to be incorporated 1. Reduce cost for industry and investors 2. Increased number of investors 3. Increased number of trades 4. Increased information available 5. Improved response time to market indicators 6. Response to system failures and backups 7. Competitiveness of smaller companies