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"Miss Brill" is another full portrait of a "marginal" woman, told from the subjective point of view of an aging insignificant character. The genteel Miss Brill is an observer of life, one who sits on the sidelines and watches the game in all its striving, contending, cruelty, and passion. She is as frozen in time as in a sepia photograph, wearing a ratty fox fur as if she were in the theater instead of seated …

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…a slice of cake. Again, as in the previous tale, the cycle is complete when the author sees her safely back in her room at the end of her day. But although the setting is familiar, she has been irrevocably changed by the events of the day that evolved so naturally in the connecting scenes, but contain one small insignificant moment that ruined not only this day, but would poison her Sundays henceforward ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**