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How does the Photographers attitude of an ideal nude compare with those before the industrial revolution?, (has the perception of the nude changed since the invention of the camera). Pablo Picasso was born in spain, however he lived most of his life in france. Picasso was a Genius, he was a master of almost any median. He ventured in many styles and with fellow Artist, Georges Braque, created “cubism”. I feel that his strongest paintings, (…

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…Lucien Clergue, Ralph Gibson, Kenneth Josephson, Andre Kertesz, Duane Michals & Helmut Newton. FAMILY TREASURY OF ART, Samm Sinclair Baker & Natalie Baker. APPENDIX FIG 1-1 Picasso, P. (1932), The Dream [art original] Mr & Mrs Victor W. Ganz, New York, N.Y. FIG 1-2 Picasso, P. (1906-7), Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon [art original] The Museum of Modern Art, New York, N.Y. FIG 2-1 Marie Claire Magazine, (July 1997), Advertisement for Joannes Tango Briefs. FIG 3-1 Callahan, (1954), Eleanor, PortHuron.