i, robot, a metaphorical analysis

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We as humans always assume that we can do as we please, that there are not rules defining what we can and cannot do. We think this of all of the creatures that are placed on this earth. However, when we create something, we place defining rules upon it. In the book i, Robot, Isaac Asimov, gives a series of short stories relating to the creation, "life" and the evolution of robot kind. The robots …

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…of them. The very thing that has allowed humankind to evolve, other than opposable thumbs, is our curiosity. We MUST experiment in order to advance. Our nature demands that we are as curious as the cat, and throw things into pots, ot see if what comes out is good. And as the old saying goes, curiosity killed the cat, although, that does not mean that one should cook a cat, just to see what happens.