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Gateway Computers finds a unique selling point to attract customers: their advertisement shows a young man ecstatic after getting the latest computer in the market. However, on his way home, he reads a billboard sign, which displays that a newer version of the same computer is launched. Apart from marketing Gateway Computer's upgrading strategy, the advertisement reflects the rate of change in a technology-oriented world; the dichotomy being that such rapid change undermines the possibility …

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…from observation in previous research studies, that learners working on interactive media with no clear narrative structure display learning behaviour that is generally unfocussed and inconclusive. Thus, one of the key benefits of interactive media, the greater learner control it offers, becomes pedagogically disadvantageous of it results in mere absence of structure. As pedagogy faces shifting, ambivalent changes in a technological world, it is imperative to uphold the conceptual structure for the user's navigational purposes.