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In central Alberta there is a little town called Hobbema. And there are four little Indian Reservations. They are Montana, Samson, Louis Bull, and Erimineskin. I live on the Ermineskin Reservation .It is a very interesting place to live and we also have many schools on the different reservations. Erimenskin was founded in 1934 when chief Erimeskin singed treaty six. We also hold a POW wow every year and the POW wow is very well known …

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…most weirdest things I think I've herd was in august of this year when a.m.a. Stopped insuring Hobbema's cars because the said we drove to crazy, to fast, and to to irrisponsible. We have a JR senior team and made it to some big finals in Germany and won it, my dad was also on that team. Other than that Hobbema is a pretty weird place to live in. Bibliography the hobbema librairy