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Where no ham has gone before William Shatner, resurrected William Shatner has found a new role as pitchman for Priceline.com June 8, 2000 Web posted at: 1:28 PM EDT (1728 GMT) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this story: It's Priceline, pick up Big Head Bill and the Tribbles New book coming RELATED STORIES, SITES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW YORK (AP) -- The guy in the leather jacket is flailing his arms, swinging his microphone, jabbing his finger, barking in his band mates' faces. …

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…Here's Shatner the Manic Comic appearing as the Big Giant Head, the alien leader on NBC's "3rd Rock From the Sun." Here's Shatner the Sci-Fi Icon sent up by an arrogant but good-hearted Tim Allen in the wildly popular "Star Trek" satire "Galaxy Quest." And here's Shatner the Novelist churning out engaging prose in three sci-fi series, including a set of tales about the resurrection of his alter ego, Capt. James T. Kirk Bibliography cnn