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Influence of Men on Louisa Gradgrind In Hard Times Charles Dickens portrays Louisa Gradgrind as a realistic character who faces conflict from the start of her life. Louisa encounters three major psychological conflicts the form of three different men: Mr. Gradgrind, Mr. Bounderby, and Tom Gradgrind. Men play a very important role in the shaping of Louisa's life. Instead of being her own person and expressing her own feelings, Louisa falls under the realm of …

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…no one could tell her how to think or what to do. She has to ability to "shut herself within herself, and think-as [Tom] have often known her to sit and watch the fire- for an hour at a stretch" (83). It is possible to think that by watching this fire, Louisa is able to imagine and therefore escape a world, which she cannot leave. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** All about louisa gradgrind and mens influence on her