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Greek Theatre There have been many artistic achievements that have had a substantial role in shaping outlooks and tastes for cultures and generations for 1000’s of years. Of all the different kinds of productions the Greeks have established, the tragedy is the most extraordinary of their spiritual contributions. Everything from style, intellect, appearance of stage, costume, and people have all been the main influences of drama and theatre over the past twenty-five hundred years. The …

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…over 2500 years all modern theatres must pay huge respect to Greek theatre for its countless contributions and enlightenment’s. GREEK THEATRE Prof.Mott English 102GC Bibliography Brown, John Russell The Oxford Illustrated History of Theatre University of Oxford Press Oxford, 1995 Hadas,Moses Greek Drama University of Virginia Press Virginia, 1962 Bieber, Margarete History of Greek and Roman Theatre Princeton University Press Princeton, 1961 Green, Richard, and Eric Handley Images of Greek Theatre Austin: University of Texas Press,1995