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What are the dimensions of the Great Pyramid? The Great Pyramid is composed of four triangular sides and a square base. It covered an area of 13 acres. The original height of the Great Pyramid was 485 feet, but due to erosion its height declined to 450 feet. Each side of the square base is 755.5 feet in length. The angle of the pyramid is 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 14.3 seconds. Now the Great Pyramid is built on a perfectlu level …

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…Simply put it is one ten millionth the distance from the North Pole to equator. The number of days in a century (100 years) is 36,524 days and corresponds to the total inches valued in the Pyramid's perimeter. The number Pi is the mathematical constant 3.1415, with the ratio of the diameter to the distance around the circle, called the circumference. In the pyramid it is the ratio of the height to twice the length of the base.