golden gulch

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Silver Bells & Golden Spurs Twas a Mining town called Golden Gulch While the west was yet untamed There two bad men met made a bet And the winnings never claimed. The boys had ridden into town One payday afternoon To line the bar at the Lucky Star, Which was Dandy Rans saloon. Now the dandy was an onry cuss If by chance you made him sore, His only law was the lightning draw Of the …

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…Its mining days are done. There are coyote tracks in the tumbled shacks Bleached white by the desert sun. The lucky star is deserted, too All littered with sand and straw Where the laughter rang and the dandy's gang once drank to his lightning draw. And the silver bells and the golden spurs Still hang in their place of fame, Above the bar at the Lucky Star Still waiting the victors claim. Bibliography cowboy poetry