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The Ghost The Ghost Using all of his seemingly infinite faculties to compose Hamlet, Shakespeare gives each significant character in the play all the depth and emotion of a living human being. Because of this, the characters, as well as the plot, become extremely intricate and difficult to define. Simply assigning a "label" to each character does not do justice to their complexity because no one character acts according to any easily discernible guidelines. By …

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…that goes on inside of him. Was the Ghost a "Spirit of Health" or a "Goblin Damn'd?" Hamlet's encounter with the Ghost was a pivotal point in his life. However, from that point on his life steadily became filled with grief and strife. Considering all the casualties and losses in the name of vengeance, a vengeance first sparked by the words of the Ghost, it must be determined that the Ghost is a "Goblin Damn'd."