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Proofread The movie Geronimo: An american Legend is an excllent piece of cinamotography. Jason Patrick and Robert Duvall, as usual provide the mvie with memorable characters. The moviie is shown trough the eyes of Lt. Britton Davis(Matt Dillon) who is sent to assist Lt. Carles Gatewood in Geronimo's (Wes Studi) surrender. Geronimo is then placed in the San Carlos reservation. A dispute between a the military and the indians results in an indian massacre …

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…things contribute to his success in capturing Geronimo at the end. Providing a yang to General Crooks yin is Gen. Nelson A. Miles (Walter Hill). Miles methods in dealing with the indians is entirely different. Through Miles eyes indians are savages that must be corraled into reservations to keeep them from terrorizing "real Americans". Miles doesn't attempt to reason or see things from the indians perspective. He simply enforces orders, uing deadly force if neccasary.