freud and oedipus

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Can too much of a good thing be bad? Where does one draw the line at how much is enough and what is over the top? Oedipusí relentless drive to uncover the truth and Sigmund Freudís persistence to interpret dreams are both fueled by their unwavering determination and sheer pride. It is pride that promotes their self-confidence to follow their own instincts rather than listening to others. Both Oedipus and Freud are driven by …

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…for, even though Tiresias is correct, it is not what Oedipus wants to hear. However, if Freud had listened to popular beliefs, he would have never come to his own conclusion as to the true meaning of dreams. Set your sights on a goal and do not rest until it has been achieved. See it through, donít give up even when the odds are against you, and donít settle for half reached conclusions.