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Frequency Counter Theme: Quote: Significance: Ambition (I) iii, 135-142 This quote is significant to our understanding of the play because these lines talk about how Macbeth is thinking ruthless thought which concern the death of Duncan and that his downfall and tragic flaw is his ambition. Order and Disorder (I) ii, 8-23 This quote describes the battle, which is disorder and it creates and uproar and disrupts the peace. This quote talks of war and …

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…the castle. This is dramatic irony because birds usually represent peace and God. Which would clash with the people that inhabit the castle. The castle is a symbol of darkness-bird light. Clothes (I) iii, 108-109 Macbeth’s usurpation of the throne of Scotland dresses him in ‘borrowed robes’. This illustrates the theme of deceptive appearances. That Macbeth must dress up, that he has to put on a mask and hide what his real thoughts are