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Then, we have organic disease versus the symptom complex of neurosis with no physical determinants, but rather we must look for the underlying conflicts ascertained by "talking through" psychotherapy. How do you apply this to a collectivity like a nation? Is there a national character in which invariably a nation follows a pre-selected pattern of inherited behavior? For instance, are the Germans warlike, the Russians passive, and the Americans beneficent? 2. Or must we look to …

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…met because the instinctual economy of the individual is fixed within limits by human nature. Thus, we can remove the external stressor of environmental factors, but the sexual economy and quantum of energy in the instinctual life would still be repressed as much as ever--ergo, human unhappiness even in utopia. He still will have to be frustrated to keep the ties of civilization together, whether we call it a free marketplace economy or a commune.