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"The Franklin's Tale" Essay "The Franklin's Tale" was a story about keeping your promise no matter what should happen. Arveraguskept his promiseto his wife or at least he had the intention to. Aurelius finally recieved the lady he had desired for the most but he had gave her up, due to his generosity. Unlike Aurelius and Averegous, the clerk had nothing to win, just lose. In Geoffrey Chaucer's, "The Franklin Tale", Aurelius was the most …

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…do such an act for her affection. After doing so, he lost her because of his morals and would rather seem them happy than his love miserable. Next, he goes to the clerk not looking for sympathy but to inform him on the delay of him getting his money. Not knowing the clerk would be giving as to release him from his debt, he would have lost everything for the woman he so generously returned.