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Ford V8 Engine Differences There are different types of Ford engine's including the Windsor, Cleveland, FE, and Big Block types. The 289 is the smallest of the popular Windsor engines. It was produced from '63-'68 and is very similar to the 302 except for the stroke. Most all 289's and 302's have mechanical camshafts and press in studs. A 289 has a 4.00x2.870 Bore and Stroke while the 302 has 4.00x3.00. The 302 Boss and SVO has the same …

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…Cleveland. The 460 is a stroked 429. The CJ had a hotter cam, larger carb, bigger port heads and valves. The SCJ had 4 bolt mains mechanical cam, adjustable non-positive stop rocker arm studs, stamped rockers arms push rod guide plates. The pistons are forged aluminum and con rod bolt seats are spot faced. The Boss had aluminum heads and hemi combustion chambers. This is all about auto manufacturing since everything is machined in some way on engines.