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"Linda, why don't you meet your boy friend today?" "Oh, Amy, Are you crazy? Meeting a jerk like him right before my birth day is like a nightmare." "But still¡¦¡¦ It's your 20th birth day. Why don't you just call him then?" My boy friend, John, he has been acting like a jerk since when we were young. He always forgets my birth day and to save money, he didn't buy me a music tape …

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…again. He promised to me that he will come back to me, and I believed him. And after a week later, I got another letter from him. As soon as I opened the envelop, I could smell the lip balm that he always used. On the letter, there wasn't any word but a mark of a purple lip. "Oh¡¦¡¦." I put my lip on to the lip mark and sobbed. That was my first kiss¡¦¡¦