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Rainbow Trout' is a film about five urbanites who visit a fish farmer in a small secluded village and come to realize the deceptiveness of human nature. Characters in the film are roughly divided into two groups: typical modern city dwellers and simple-minded village people living around the fish farm. The urbanites include the Min-su couple (a bank worker and his wife, Jung-wha), Sae-wha (younger sister of Jung-wha), and the Byung-kwan couple (owner of a …

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…city dwellers wear many masks. They aren't themselves when they are working, in love,and even at home. Director Park takes off these masks one by one and shows the audience the true man. An individual in various webs of human relationships takes this side or that side according to the situation. In what way does an individual react when he faces a situation against his own interest? Here we can see the director's touch.