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Motion Pictures Continuous sequence of transparent still photographs, in black and white or color, exposed onto long strips of specially treated cellulose acetate and projected in rapid succession onto a screen to give the optical illusion of motion. Modern motion pictures are usually accompanied by a synchronized sound recording to heighten the illusion of reality. The terms film, moving pictures, or movies in the United States and cinema in Great Britain are commonly used synonyms …

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…of the Road, 1955), Aparajito (Unvanquished, 1956), and Apur Sansar (The World of Apu, 1959) form the Apu trilogy, tracing the growth of a young boy to manhood. Ray's son Sandip, Ketan Mehta, and other capable directors continue to develop Indian cinema. Ingmar Bergman One of the most distinctive and original directors to emerge in the post-World War II international climate was Sweden's Ingmar Bergman, who brought an intense philosophical and intellectual depth to his films. In treating