ferdinan and iasabella

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attitudes and wrote him treaties on the art of government. Isabella “The Catholic” was born on April 22, 1451 with the Spanish name “Isabel La Catolic.” She became heiress of Castile when King Henry took her in as his daughter. Without Henry’s permission, she married Ferdiand in October 1469 in the palace of Juan de Vivero, at Valladolid. King Henry then rejected Isabella’s claim to the throne and gave it to his daughter Joan. Fedinand and …

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…a small town outside Mardrigaligo, Spain. They lay side by side in the royal chapel. Isabella wanted her subjects to think of the two of them as an inseparable authority. The popular saying that they used to say was tanto monta, monta tanto Isabel como Fernado meaning “He counts for as much as she does, she counts for as much as he does.” Ferdinand and Isabella came to power in the middle was almost impossible.