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Death can be described as the lack of existence; state of being dead. Most of the time death is usually considered to be a problem for many of old age. It is also a part of life that is hard for people grasp because they lose loved one's. However, death also takes part in a time of war when two parties of an opposing team are at odds with one another. Innocent living creatures become …

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…an observer who wanted his answers concerning nature not only in facts but also in terms of faith. Both essays are related to human behavior causing each narrator to focus on a different aspect of life. In “The Geese” and “The Battle of the Ants”, the different aspects of like that are shown upon are death and war. Bibliography Hart, James. ed. “The Oxford Companion to American Literature”. 5th ed. New York: Oxford UP, 1983, pg. 662, 663, 714.